Whirlpool Corporation to Explore Today’s Gourmet Kitchen Trends in Upcoming KBTribeChat

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Many homeowners are still choosing to spend more time at home than they did pre-pandemic, which has resulted in a lot of activity in the kitchen. In fact, 71%1 of homeowners say they will continue to prepare the majority of their meals at home, which can help save money.2

Whether renovating their home or buying a new one, consumers are looking for a kitchen space that can help them meet their healthy eating goals as well as assist when entertaining guests. How can you create a kitchen that inspires gourmet-level results?

Join Whirlpool Corporation (@WhirlpoolCorp) on Wednesday, December 15, as the company hosts a KBTribeChat on ways to design gourmet kitchens that create endless meal possibilities for the home chef. From design ideas to technology, this interactive and informative discussion provides industry professionals with valuable tips to make their kitchen projects a success.

Whirlpool Corporation, the world's leading kitchen and laundry appliance company, designs appliance solutions that offer ways to enhance the cooking experience in the kitchen, and creates culinary possibilities. The Whirlpool Corporation brand portfolio has been thoughtfully designed to help building industry professionals meet the needs and wants of today's homebuyers, whether they're looking for an appliance to streamline mealtimes or help them create restaurant-quality meals.

Save the date for 2 p.m. ET Wednesday, December 15 as Whirlpool Corporation plays host to a discussion on creating a gourmet kitchen. Preview our chat questions:

  • What features and design elements define a gourmet kitchen?
  • Which kitchen appliances are consumers looking for to help them achieve gourmet-level results?
  • How is smart home technology playing a role in today's luxury kitchens?
  • How has the last year influenced what consumers are looking for in their kitchens?
  • A gourmet kitchen should combine both beauty and function. What tips can you share for attaining that balance within the space?


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