3 Sought-After Elements of a Luxury Kitchen

Consumers spent more time1 at home this past year, sparking awareness about what's most important to them in their surroundings. In fact, 57%2 of homeowners now see the value of an elevated home experience and 47%3 are willing to spend more money for a lavish home.


A modern, high-end kitchen is one of the main elements consumers look for in a home - buyers want a space that combines both beauty and function4 The demand speaks for itself: homes that advertised higher-end kitchen amenities sold for more5 than expected in 2020. Plus, according to Green Builder's COGNITION Smart Data report, remodeling the kitchen can have up to a 77% return on investment due to how much personal enjoyment consumers get from creating their ideal space.

And, luxury real estate is booming. This year, luxury home sales soared,6 increasing by 41.6% year-over-year in the first quarter of 2021. With millennials, the largest share of home buyers, starting to snatch up luxury homes,7 the demand is only expected to increase into 2022.

Here are three elements home buyers are looking for in their luxury kitchens and how to incorporate them into your next project:

Professional-Grade Appliances

Creating a luxury kitchen starts with the right appliances.8 They'll need to contribute to the overall experience of the kitchen, and offer a sleek and modern9 aesthetic.

Start with downdraft ventilation, like the JennAir® Euro-Style Stainless 36" Telescoping Downdraft Ventilation, which retracts back into the countertop at the push of a button for an open-air concept. Those who love to cook will appreciate a professional range,10 like the JennAir® 36" NOIR™ Gas Professional-Style Range with Chrome-Infused Griddle that allows for everything from baking to grilling.


In a study from Zillow,11 homes with steam ovens sold for 4.9% more than expected in 2020. Adding a high-end oven with steam capabilities, like the KitchenAid Smart Oven+ 30" Combination Oven with Powered Attachments, for example, could help increase the value of your build. Plus, with 48.2%12 of buyers more concerned with health and wellness than ever before, they may appreciate having a healthy cooking method at their fingertips.

To complete this inviting space, add a warming drawer, like the JennAir® NOIR 24" Warming Drawer, which fits seamlessly into cabinetry and ensures no food is served cold.


A Secondary Kitchen

Secondary kitchens13 are a rising trend in luxury homes. Sometimes referred to as a "dirty kitchen,"14 this space is where all of the cooking takes place, allowing the main kitchen to stay clean15 and ready for entertaining. This sought-after design element is purely technical, meaning you'll need plenty of open countertops for food preparation, and lots of storage space for pots, pans and practical appliances. This is a great place to wow buyers with an extra dishwasher for smooth cleanup, or even another refrigerator for additional utility.

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Luxury Walk-In Pantries

The kitchen is a place for families to gather and make memories, but without enough storage, it could cause added stress. Prevent this from happening by creating a walk-in pantry, also known as the "new designer shoe closet,"16 which can function as an extension of the kitchen.17

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According to a report from National Association of Home Buyers,18 this is one of the most prioritized features, with over 80% of home buyers expressing interest. This extra space allows homeowners to store their essential food items nearby, but out of sight. Smaller appliances like a coffee maker or a stand mixer, for example, can even be stored here19 to keep countertops clear. You can even add regular-sized appliances, such as an extra refrigerator, so that the kitchen can be a space to live - not just work.

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