3 Trending Terms You Need to Know for 2021 Projects

You’ve likely heard about home design trends such as all-white kitchens and minimalism, but what about cloffices? Yes, you read that right!

The coronavirus pandemic and extended stay-at-home periods have resulted in new words and phrases that describe homeowner needs and preferences. Here are three terms you might hear about in 2021:

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 13: <> on display during JennAir at Modernism Week 2020 on February 13, 2020 in Palm Springs, California. (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for JennAir)

Homecation Amenities

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many homeowners have missed the enjoyable experiences they used to get at restaurants, coffee shops, spas, and more. Homecation amenities are ways for homeowners to create luxury experiences right in their own homes. According to Zillow, buyers paid more1 for amenities that make their home feel like a retreat. For example, a rain shower in the bathroom could emulate a trip to the spa, while a JennAir RISE™ 48" Dual-Fuel Professional-Style Range gives homeowners the ability to sear, simmer and grill their way to exquisite, restaurant-quality meals. A built-in coffee system like the JennAir RISE™ 60cm Built-In Coffee System, can help replicate a true-cafe experience right at home, offering luscious espresso with customized strength, temperature and grind.


Organic Design

Just as homeowners are seeking luxury experiences, they’re also looking to their homes to provide a soothing, peaceful ambiance. Organic or natural design is a subtle style most popular among millennials2, and is expected to be a trend for at least the next three years3. It mimics a minimalist style, and incorporates warm, organic elements you might find in nature, like natural wood or stone, greenery, and subdued colors. Invite a natural color palette into the kitchen using the KitchenAid 36” Smart Commercial- Style Gas Range, offered in shades such as Avocado Cream and Misty Blue, to help create a calm, nurturing feel throughout the space.

Video conference. Business partners communicate via video using laptop. The guy talks with his business partners appearance about plans and strategy. Distant work


In early 2020, many had to adjust to working from home, and the percentage of those permanently working remotely is expected to double4 in 2021, increasing the need for a home office. However, not all homes have a dedicated office space. And so, the term “cloffice” was born.

“Cloffice” is one of the biggest trends on Pinterest5 this year, and describes the blending of an office and closet space. Also being called “Zoom Rooms,” they offer a private space to take calls, join video conferences, etc. Built-in closet shelves can allow homeowners to personalize the space as they see fit, using the shelves to organize work from home essentials instead of sweaters. Soundproofing has also become more of a need6 with people participating in virtual meetings, and would be an attractive add-on to any closet space.

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