Video Series: Exploring Innovation at WLabs

Home buyers expect new home appliances to be reliable, efficient and well-designed. They also are looking for products that address everyday challenges and improve quality of life in a way they never thought possible.

That's where WLabs comes in. WLabs is the hub of innovation at Whirlpool Corporation, located in an area known as The Garage near the corporate headquarters. A collection of thinkers, tinkerers and creatives, WLabs team members discover and synthesize consumer insights and turn those into new products.

WLabs is like a start-up division within a corporation, with multi-talented employees who embrace an entrepreneurial spirit.

Here are a few videos that provide a window into WLabs and the products it has developed so far:

"It’s a collection of explorers."

"Our mission at WLabs is to explore new market opportunities for our brands."

"There isn’t just one innovation department."


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