Uncovering Consumer Wants and Needs with Jason Wilkinson



Jason Wilkinson
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Whirlpool Corporation

"As building industry professionals are looking for what consumers want next, Whirlpool has to do a lot of research. We spend lots of time with consumers in their  actual homes, both interacting and then sometimes recording them, and we watch that back later so we the process as they live it, not as they describe it to us.

"It’s also critical that we spend a lot of time a lot of time listening to our retail and builder partners, as they can actually give us a real leg-up on finding the leading trends in the industry. Whirlpool has a dedicated team known as WLabs who is constantly working on leading-edge product concepts and innovations, some of which will come to market, some of which are for us to test out new consumer-focused features internally.

"Whirlpool also has a dedicated consumer insights team whose sole job it is
to scan the horizon, pull together all the research that we get from either talking to retailers and builders or doing our own reports or consumer immersions, and then feed it back to our product marketing team so we can action on it. Whirlpool’s product marketing team is focused on our five-year product road map and sourcing new innovations that the consumer will really love when we bring to market."


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