Service Made Seamless: How Laundry Helps Homes Sell



Kelly Safis
General Manager
Builder Sales
Whirlpool Corporation

“Ninety-one percent of future homeowners want to have laundry in their home when they move in. Now, some people think that they’ll bring laundry with them if they’re coming from another house or we see so many first-time home buyers now – they don’t have laundry to bring with them, so they’re going to have to purchase laundry to have that available, and what’s better than moving into your brand-new house and being able to wash your brand-new towels and your brand-new sheets and really be able to enjoy your home on the first night that you live there.”

“The other advantage of buying from your builder is Whirlpool Corporation and our professional delivery and installation team will have that laundry installed in the house when you take ownership of your house, so no new people coming into your home, you know we don’t want to have any incidents happen where a wall gets nicked or a floor gets scuffed up. You’re guaranteed that our professional delivery team will have them installed and ready to go, and you don’t have to open your home to any other delivery person who might be bringing laundry along.”

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