KitchenAid Enters the Smart Home Category with Oven Featuring Collection of Attachments


Smart Oven+, KitchenAid brand's first-ever connected oven, opens new passions for home cooks to experiment and explore

KitchenAid is entering the smart home category with its innovative KitchenAid® Smart Oven+ with Powered Attachments, being launched in 2019. Winner of a CES® Innovation Award in the Smart Home product category, the brand is making its smart home debut by empowering makers to bring their creativity to life in the kitchen. Created from the same founding principles as the iconic KitchenAid® Stand Mixer, the Smart Oven+ features three oven-powered attachments, equipping makers to expand upon their culinary skills to grill, bake, and steam within one appliance. The Smart Oven+ will work with the Yummly® app, allowing home cooks to customize cooking to personal tastes, nutritional needs, and skill level.

"Our vision for connected KitchenAid® products is to give makers the tools to expand their abilities in the kitchen and unlock new cooking possibilities," said Christy Hoskins, senior brand manager for KitchenAid. "We were inspired by the KitchenAid Stand Mixer – we wanted to create an appliance that would have the same versatility and multi-functionality, just as the stand mixer's culinary center has done for 100 years. The Smart Oven+ is the realization of that vision."


The Smart Oven+ will be available in three models – single, double and combination ovens – and will elevate the cooking experience with three easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe attachments that fit interchangeably to a powered hub at the back of the oven.**


Outside of the three powered attachments, the Smart Oven+ will feature:

Works with the Yummly® App: The appliance integration will allow makers to explore and customize cooking to personal tastes, nutritional needs, and skill level. With the Yummly app offering inspiration, home cooks can choose a recipe and update their shopping list with missing ingredients, which are then delivered directly to their door from a favorite local grocery store.

Even-Heat™ True Convection Oven: The Smart Oven+ can also bake a meal without attachments. The Even-Heat™ True Convection Oven promotes better circulation and air flow, providing consistent heating and cooking.

LCD Display: A 4.5-inch, full-color, glass-touch LCD display is compatible with mobile devices and allows users to easily view and select from a variety of capabilities, giving users control of cooking modes.

KitchenAid™ App: Need to extend your baking time, or check the cook time remaining on your lasagna? The KitchenAid App provides control whether the maker is in or out of the kitchen. With the mobile app, users can view the system's status, direct a variety of operations remotely, and receive notifications and alerts.

Voice Commands: Through a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, users can adjust Smart Oven+ settings remotely with simple commands.††


* Compared to baking stones of similar size, weight and material.
** Steamer and Baking Stone attachments will ship separately.
† WiFi & App required for connected features. Features subject to change. Details and privacy info at and Appliance must be set to Remote Enable for remote control capabilities.
†† Voice control availability may vary by region.
Google® is a trademark of Google LLC. Amazon and Alexa are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. CES® is a registered trademark of Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™.


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