Exploring Today’s Color & Design Trends with Whirlpool Corporation’s Rebecca Goesling

A lot can change from year-to-year when it comes to home design, and it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and updates that consumers might expect in their new homes.

We talked with Rebecca Goesling, Whirlpool Corporation Advanced Color Finish Material Designer, to learn about how the coronavirus is affecting home design and current color and finish trends.

Rebecca Goesling


Has the coronavirus pandemic affected appliance design?

A. We believe the pandemic is not creating, but accelerating an existing feeling of uncertainty. With so much unknown, our consumers turn to the home as an antidote to chaos. Some seek comfort and clarity, and therefore may look for integrated appliances to reduce visual clutter or products with simple interactions that allow for peace of mind. Others may desire a greater sense of control, and might appreciate customizable temperature and sanitization controls or easy clean surfaces. Then there are the consumers looking for a distraction or expression. This group could be drawn to the many stand mixer attachments and tools that allow for experimentation and growth in the kitchen.



What colors and finishes are emerging as top trends in 2020?

A. At Whirlpool, we must always look at colors, finishes and materials in context of the home. In 2020, that space is all about creating sanctuary-like escapes, bringing nature indoors, adding a human touch, and ensuring safe surfaces. In terms of color, this means optimistic greens, muted blues, and rich clays balanced with an array of tranquil whites and greys. As for finishes, there are two extremes. The first is a return to glossy surfaces and sterile materials like stainless steel, a reaction to the desire for easy cleaning. The second is a rise in rich textures and natural materials such as rough stone to encourage physical interaction, a retaliation to the digital overload of slick screens.



How do you see generational differences affecting appliance design, especially as it relates to colors and finishes?

A: With greater access to information and inspiration for all of our consumers, we see a blurring of traditional boundaries such as generations. Instead, we are focusing on shared sentiments to better understand consumer segments. For instance, those experiencing fear may prioritize longevity and reliability, skewing toward classic neutral or soothing natural colors and sterile, durable materials. On the flipside, a collective focused on optimistic acceptance may welcome more eclecticism in mixed colors from vibrant accents to calm neutrals to finishes, such as matte and gloss.

To explore the exciting new colors and designs that Whirlpool Corporation is incorporating into its latest products, visit the Color & Design page.


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