2018 Corporate Sustainability Report Highlights Significantly Reduced Emissions, Improved Product Efficiency

Sustainable homes and “green” features are in demand and rapidly becoming the new norm. In fact, more than half of consumers rank green and energy efficiency as top requirements for their next home. As a result, it’s more important than ever for building industry professionals to incorporate sustainable solutions into their projects.

For generations, Whirlpool Corporation has produced high-performing, high-quality appliances that perform better while significantly lowering operating costs and environmental impacts. Today, we lead with innovations that enable our products to operate with greater environmental efficiency.

For example, increasing the connectivity of our products to make them smarter allows consumers to control and monitor performance in ways that are more environmentally responsible. Features like adaptable use allow consumers to choose different modes and settings when operating the appliance — to reduce overall energy, water and detergent demand while increasing performance.

Additional information about our sustainability journey can be found in our recently released 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report. The report highlights our progress and accomplishments in the 2018 operational year, with particularly strong results in our efforts to reduce the amount of natural resources required in manufacturing our appliances.


For more information about the milestones and progress outlined in the 2018 Corporate Sustainability Report, visit: https://www.whirlpoolcorp.com/significantly-reduced-emissions-improved-product-efficiency-in-2018-corporate-sustainability-report/.


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